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I am curious: is it proper usage of grammar to use these words together : Fairly quickly ex: We responded to the fire call fairly quickly.
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Megan asks...
What are the first, second, and third person nouns?
Anne answers...
There are many, many noun: subject noun, object nouns, possessive nouns. Since I'm not sure what you wanted, here goes: Subject nouns: First person singular - I, First person plural - We, Second person singular - You, Second person plural - You, Third person singular - He, she, it; Third person plural - They. Object nouns: First person singular - me, First person plural - us; Second person singular - You; Second person plural - You; Third person singular - Him, her, it; Third person plural - Them. Possessive nouns: First person singular - My, First person plural - Our, Second person singular - Your, Second person plural - Your, Third person singular - His, Hers, Its; Third person plural - Theirs. And thank you for giving me a chance to review my pronouns.
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