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Is there anything wrong with the following phrase? "It cost less to reuse boxes than to buy new ones."
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"Gus" , who likes to ride motorcycles with her husband, asks...
Would you say "is" or "are" when saying --enclosed is/are an application, job description, memo, orientation information and a letter?
Anne answers...
I would rewrite this sentence in one of the following ways to avoid the confusion and ambiquity that the current sentence has. First way: Enclosed are the following: application form, job description, memo, orientation information, and a letter. The colon indicates there is a lot more coming and it justifies the plural verb. Or second way: Enclosed is an application form, a job description, a memo, orientation information, and a letter. Putting a or an in front of each item makes it clear that you are referring to each in the singular. So you use 'is.'
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